Johann Bouché-Pillon




We started the session with a few classic portraits, over which I layered, through double exposure, the preparatory notes of the shoot. Using the same technique, colorful monochromes taken from a screen flood the image with intense colours.

The second part is a spontaneous composition applied directly to the body of the model, mixing painted surfaces, informal-without any function, and various everyday products found in a supermarket.

One could see a subtle wink towards the Arte Povera movement or the principles of Marcel Duchamp – it is the promotion of certain attitudes and the action that take centre stage, more than the final result.




Other graphic and yet common, banal elements are superposed over the primary image (error messages, loading bar) – appropriations of photographs form Hiroshi Sugimoto’s « On the beach $raquo; book.

It also represents a summer’s tale, cliches that seem to be coming out of Jodorowski’s El Topo or a spaghetti western, finally just another way to pass the time one scorching Paris afternoon.