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sawa takai: F/W 15



Sawa Takai’s design is heavily influenced by menswear, stemming from her work experience with Engineered Garments in New York and guiliano-Fujiwara in Milan.



Bio: Takai was born in Gifu, Japan in 1987. At the age of 15, she moved to the United States to attend international boarding schools. For university, she was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York to pursue design. While at FIT, Takai participated in the Fashion Fashion Show – the annual competition between FIT and Parson design students – where she wont the Best Designer Award. She then took a year to study abroad at the Politecnico di Milano before returning to New York to graduate in 2010.




sawa takai f/w 15





The first collection signed by Narguess Hatami reveals the “signs” of an unmistakable and total Western contemporaneity: in the design logics which define it, in the cuts and shapes of the looks, in the material processings which start from sophisticated textures often expressing hi-tech declinations, well-balanced in every single part of the collection. Without any doubt its soul can be defined as fully actual chic. The designer—while avoiding the minimal concession to ethnic, thanks to a really careful, neat and original interpretation process—shows a true and deep love for that extraordinary culture of her homeland Persia. The inspiration source is offered in a particular way by architectures, decor, colors, geometrical elements as well as by the enchanting splendor of certain historical buildings. All that lives and vibrates in the sixties collection looks with its complementary accessories.




MIAHATMIA, Narguess Hatami: A style project and its soul.

Wordsmiths United: Pacific



The concept for Pacific was initially prompted by a 1970s electronic record of the same name, which then evolved into a meditation on identity.  Pacific is an exploration of how sound and tone can evoke colour and form, and how these elements work in tandem to simultaneously construct and reflect culture and character.



The Pacific is the largest oceanic division, a representation of the geographical and mythological lines that come to craft islands and identities.  Borders can shape a hero’s refuge or desolation; desert or oasis; utopia or dystopia.  Pacific is an articulation of the physical and metaphysical borders that fashion each of our personal islands.


Art Direction: Jasco Chan / Roy Ortizo
Photography: Anna-Marie Cheung
Stylist: Roy Ortizo
Model: Maxwell





The Berlin-based IVANMAN brand was established in 2010 and shows seasonally in both Berlin and Zagreb. Through various partnerships, IVANMAN has also been showcased in New York City, Paris, Belgrade and Minsk, respectively. The design focus of IVANMAN is the perfect cut, working with old classic forms but transforming their feel with an ironic nod to the zeitgeist. Designer Ivan Mandzukic’s label was formed via his understanding of shape and form. His dynamically contrasting colour concept intertwines with the sensuality of different fabrics. Oversized shapes interact with close-fitting silhouettes, traditional bespoke tailoring is used for sportswear, and Neoprene is used alongside pure new wool. Despite such unexpected contradictions, the pieces retain a traditional silhouette that makes them highly wearable.



Ivan Mandzukic’s passion for combining elaborate men’s wear and sportswear in a new style gives the collection a highly personal touch. He utilizes high-end fabrics, and fair-trade manufacturing practices, providing a signature style that appeals and excites his diverse yet niche customer base. What is important to the company are the origins of the fabric and fibers used, with a special focus on merino wool, which has helped IVANMAN retain its unique high-end look. The horsehair/merino hybrid, for example, appears as an elegant textile fusion for men’s wear. At IVANMAN, the fabric is taken into consideration and thought through from the very start, as every fabrics demands its own particular design. Thus, the IVANMAN team is constantly looking at ways to develop and learn more about the material and how to create innovations within this textile field.

The designer personally sews his key pieces in order to experiment with specific fibers. Via these fabrics manipulations and new treatments, IVANMAN presents a new perspecive on older, even outdated silhouettes which gain a new wearability. Thanks to the close proximity of his production site in Poland and knitting manufacturer in Berlin, the company remains dynamic and capable of making fast decisions. IVANMAN’s main sales point is Berlin, followed by Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia, where his celebrated international fashion shows have gained him brand recognition. Ivan Mandzukic was elected Fashion Ambassador of Croatia, which has also boosted sales immensely since 2012. The designer went on to win the prestigious Who’s Next Prêt–à–Porter award in May 2012 and subsequently showed in New York for Nexus.



R.SWIADER: Spring 2016




The clothes are intended to lend ease, comfort and happiness int our chaotic world. The unique tailoring is not about formality, instead the subtle details of cut, shape and form. Classic lines mixed with clean graphic shapes and unexpected structure provide the perfect uniform for a citizen of the world.





The idea for R.SWIADER was born during a trip to Paris – Rafal was inspired to design clothes for men that share his thinking and aesthetic.

I can wear it in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Istanbul and feel comfortable wearing these designs in any city. I want the entire collection to feel classic in a non-traditional way.



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